BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals adds to the board of directorsBioNumerik Pharmaceuticals recently added Steve Carchedi to its board of directors. Carchedi will bring his 29 years of pharmaceutical industry experience to the company.

Carchedi has held several positions at pharmaceutical companies throughout the country and led many projects to develop products that are currently on the market. He is currently the chief marketing officer for General Electric Healthcare-MDx where he leads the worldwide marketing for its medical diagnostics business.

"Adding Steve to our Board is an important step for BioNumerik as we work to advance our two distinct oncology Phase III product candidates towards potential commercialization," said Frederick Hausheer, chairman CEO of BioNumerik. "This is an important and exciting time for BioNumerik, and Steve's experience and insight in commercializing new oncology pharmaceuticals will be of great value."

Carchedi joins the leadership at Bionumerik at a time when the supply of oncology drugs has been much discussed. Responding to a shortage early in 2012, the FDA temporarily allowed importation of Doxil, a drug known for treating ovarian cancer. In the same month, a shortage of the childhood leukemia drug methotrexate led to supply chain reorganization, so that the pharmaceutical company Hospira could obtain ingredients from overseas on an expedited basis, according to the Chicago Tribune.
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