Denim company optimizes supply chain operations Jeanswest, a leading denim manufacturer, recently chose a supply chain optimization company to operate its new distribution center.

The new distribution center will be in Melbourne, Australia. Jeanswest wanted a warehouse management system that could manage its inventory better than the previous methods. The company also wanted to increase utilization in the distribution center and support new business processes, which is possible through a supply chain optimization company that can improve the operations of the company.

"We have been extremely satisfied with what the solution offers and the type of improvements it can deliver from a supply chain optimization perspective," said Andrew Grant, general managers of IT & Logistics at Jeanswest Corporation.

Jeanswest will also be allowed to implement its ability to facilitate data exchange with suppliers globally.

Itella Logistics also recently opted to team up with a supply chain optimization company to support its regional logistics services operation. Itella Logistics is a Finland-based operator of logistics services in Northern Europe and Russia.
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