January 26, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

Recent Whitepaper:

2017 was another unpredictable year for Supply Management professionals across the globe.  The combination of natural disasters, policy changes, emerging technologies, and political unrest made for a hectic twelve months of Procurement.  2018 has already provided it's own share of surprise and uncertainty.  At least one thing, however, remains certain.  Leading organizations will continue to embrace the strategic potential of Procurement to dictate their short and long-term goals.  Source One's expert consultants have proven instrumental in encouraging companies to make this shift for over two decades.  Informed by their years of success, they offer their predictions for the trends that will define procurement throughout the New Year.

Recent Podcasts:

More and more companies are embracing the strategic benefits of effective Procurement departments.  To help themselves establish the teams, they are devoting more time and effort than ever to identifying, recruiting, and hiring top-notch talent.  Too few of these companies, however, are taking the same pains to ensure their Procurement hires stick around. Senior Project Analyst Nick Harasymczuk joins the Source One podcast to discuss strategies for retaining talent.  With is tips, you'll not only ensure your new hires stick around, but you'll also better engage them and empower them to grow as Procurement professionals.

Nearly a third of working American are currently employed on an independent basis.  Experts predict this number to increase steadily throughout the rest of this decade.  Understandably, companies are increasingly looking to independent contractors for help evolving and optimizing their Procurement function.  Still, some companies hold misguided notions about independent labor.  Fearing the worst, they are missing out on what could very well be the best possible resources for their Procurement operations.  Strategic Account Consultant Andy Jones joins the Source One Podcast to dispel some of these misconceptions.  Calling upon years of Procurement recruiting experience, he also emphasizes the strategic benefit contract labor.

Upcoming Event:

Source One Associate Director Jennifer Ulrich will address the Institute for Supply Management's Philadelphia chapter as a keynote speaker on February 8th. Ulrich is an industry-recognized authority on Procurement Transformation and Category Management.  Her presentation, entitled Sustainable Category Management Solutions, will discuss methods for taking Procurement's operations to the next strategic level.  Sub-topics will include optimizing Procurement talent, communicating the department's considerable value internally, and developing more strategic relationships with stakeholders.  The event will provide a prime opportunity for one of Source One's true thought leaders to share insights gained from over a decade of consulting experience.  Supply Management professionals at any stage in their professional development are invited to attend.

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