According to The Freelancer's Union, 42 million Americans (nearly a third of the workforce) are currently employed independently.  By 2020, they predict this number will rise to include half of working Americans.  Companies are widely enjoying the benefit of these versatile professionals as they work to develop more mature, strategic Procurement units.

Old misconceptions, however, still keep some companies from leveraging independent contractors.  Relying on outdated notions, they worry that contractors are untrustworthy or inflexible.  As a result, they miss out on the considerable value of a blended Procurement and Strategic Sourcing workforce.

Source One's Strategic Account Consultant, Andy Jones, recently sat down with the Source One Podcast to set the record straight.  An expert in recruiting and placing top Procurement contractors, Jones knows how valuable independent talent can be. 

How can companies be sure they're working with dependable Procurement contractors? Jones suggests employing the services of a recruiter.  A dedicated Procurement recruiter can take the burden of vetting candidates off of HR's back and ensure a top-notch staffing strategy.

Listen to the conversation today to learn more about what independent contractors can bring to your procurement operations.
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