SD-WAN, Cybersecurity, and More: IT and Telecom Trends to Watch in 2018

At the end of 2016, Source One Director Dave Pastore looked back on the year in Telecommunications sourcing.  Three trends in particular stood out.  Companies of all sizes were investing in software-defined networking technologies, managed cybersecurity services, and cloud-connected services.

Historically, technologies in the Telecom space have been slow to catch on. Increasing interconnectivity and emerging cyber threats, however, compelled companies to take a more proactive approach to spend in this category throughout 2017.  The pace of adoption impressed Pastore as the defining Telecom trend for the year.

Recently, Pastore sat down with the Source One Podcast to reflect on recent developments in Telecom procurement and forecast the year ahead.  He predicts the pace of adoption to ramp up throughout the year as more companies embrace the benefit of emerging technologies. Listen today.

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