January 19, 2018

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New Whitepaper:

What's Next for Procurement: 8 Trends to Watch in 2018
2017 was another highly unpredictable year for Procurement and Strategic Sourcing professionals everywhere.  Natural disasters, political upheaval, and a wealth of new technologies all wreaked havoc on supply chains.  In spite of all its surprises, the year still saw a number of supply management trends continue as expected.  Leading companies are still embracing the benefit of more strategic purchasing and working to align Procurement with their enterprise-wide goals.  In what's become an annual tradition, the experts at Source One present their predictions for Procurement in the coming year.  Whatever shocks 2018 brings, count on the Procurement leaders to stay on top of the industry's emerging trends.

Recent Podcasts:

Procurement Independent Contractors: Separating Fact from Fiction
By 2020, experts predict that half of America's workforce will serve as freelancers or independent contractors.  Understandably, many leading companies are already leveraging these versatile individuals to help evolve and optimize their Procurement function.  Source One's Andrew Jones, a Procurement recruitment expert, joins the Source One Podcast to discuss the considerable benefit of independent talent.  Employing Procurement contractors, he suggests, could help companies avoid the risks associated with hiring full-time assets and help them ease themselves into unfamiliar business areas.  He also takes time to dispel a few of the myths that still keep certain companies from working with contractors.

SD-WAN, Cybersecurity and More: Telecom Trends to Watch in 2018
Telecom Procurement specialist Dave Pastore joins the Source One Podcast to discuss some of the category's emerging trends.  Last year, Pastore says, was an uncharacteristic one for Telecom.  Companies of all sizes implemented new technologies with uncommon speed.  Moving at a breakneck pace, they strove to set themselves apart as leaders by utilizing tools like SD-WAN technologies, managed cybersecurity systems, and cloud-connected services.  This trend shows no sign of stopping.  Count on these technologies to continue gaining momentum throughout the coming year.

Upcoming Event:

ISM-Philadelphia February Dinner Meeting
February 8th, Source One Associate Director Jennifer Ulrich will join the Institute for Supply Management's Philadelphia chapter for their monthly dinner meeting.  As the keynote speaker, Ulrich will deliver a presentation on the subject of sustainable category management solutions. Ulrich,  a recognized expert on Procurement Transformation,  will focus on optimizing Procurement talent, communicating the department's value internally, and building more strategic relationships with stakeholders. The networking event will provide yet another opportunity for the Strategic Sourcing experts at Source One to build their reputation as industry leaders.

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