Over the last few weeks, cost reduction experts Nick Harasymczuk and Jennifer Engel have joined the Source One Podcast to discuss strategies for assessing and optimizing your Facilities Management Spend.

In the first installment of this three-part series, they discussed the crucial process of data collection.  Thanks to its myriad subcategories and wide supply bases, Facilities Management is often an especially challenging category to baseline effectively.  The process only grows more taxing when companies get complacent and let the category go unchecked for extended periods. 

Next, they returned to discuss leveraging this data for developing sourcing strategies.  Whether  a company elects to expand, consolidate, diversify, or simplify their supply base, the decision depends on what the data has to say.  That's, of course, all the more reason to strive for the most accurate baseline possible.

Today, they return to conclude the series with a discussion of implementation.  Locating the right suppliers and solutions is just part of spend optimization initiative. There's still the matter of implementing new technologies and processes to ensure efficient Facilities Management operations in the long-term.

Nick and Jen pay special attention to numerous technology solutions available to Procurement.  Essential, transactional, functional, and strategic software options all provide assistance that companies can tailor to their specific needs and goals. Additionally, they suggest, a Procurement consulting can smooth the implementation process and drive strategies with their expert guidance. 

Give it a listen.

Interested in learning more about implementing new processes and technologies for optimizing spend? Contact Source One's cost reduction specialists today for help assessing your purchases across all direct and indirect categories.
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