Earlier this week, the Strategic Sourceror piece “Understanding the Staffing Industry” gave a clear explanation of the complex staffing market and its range of employment-related services. This content sparked an idea to develop an infographic expanding the material—and further drive the benefit of HR sourcing consultants. With the high volume of staffing companies in the United States, it is often difficult to judge a best-fit partner. Especially with companies’ own HR departments being able to do the work, there can be confusion surrounding the potential benefit of a staffing company helping out. This infographic tackles many of the gray areas of not only the staffing industry, but also the prospect of hiring a staffing company and using an HR sourcing consultant to take advantage of savings and additional value. Since HR is a core function of an organization’s sustainability and culture, it is essential to take advantage of any opportunity to develop the value of its programs. Source One is specialized in HR best practices and understands how to seek a staffing agency qualified to be a best-fit for your company. 

Learn more about Source One’s HR Sourcing Offering here.

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