Last week, Source One Management Services was happy to announce that it had won the Supply and Demand Chain Executive's Green Supply Chain Award for the third consecutive year. It has become more and more apparent that environmentally friendly initiatives within major corporations are no longer just a regulatory requirement, but an on-going investment into reducing their global footprint. Source One has a rich history of working with organizations to find suppliers who fit within their sustainability goals.

If you are considering going green, here are some tips on managing that within your supply chain:

One of the first steps into "greening" your company is to prioritize goals. Your procurement and sourcing groups can give insight into what green strategic sourcing initiatives are quick hits and what other projects are more long-term investments that require will require change management planning.

Additionally, some environmentally friendly objectives might align with existing spend management goals. For example, companies that are looking to reduce spend in office supplies can often find substitutions that are inexpensive and made from recyclable materials.

Secondly, it is important to take the time and assess your existing supply base. Some suppliers are just not the right fit for green programs, but very often suppliers do have sustainability policies that they neglected to discuss with you previously.

For those companies who believe green suppliers tend to be more expensive, it is important to realize sustainable providers are often aligned with market prices. If you are dealing with skeptics, a benchmarking report can provide the market data regarding green supplier costs, help gain buy-in from stakeholders.

Ultimately, sustainability is not just a trend, but a growing business practice. If you company is looking to be more environmentally friendly, utilizing green sourcing methods will not only help reduce your costs, but also achieve your goals. 

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