Field service companies concerned about business efficiency

Companies that have employees regularly out in the field are often concerned about inventory when it comes to spend management. However, this problem could be solved with the right field service software solutions to streamline business operations. To find the best telecommunications and employee management software, auditing services are helpful in connecting companies to affordable software solutions.

According to the survey by software provider FieldAware, 68 percent of technicians respond to an average of three service calls or more per day. In comparing different duties field workers were responsible for, 39 percent of respondents indicated the most common business response was time reporting.

A growing trend among businesses is the use of mobile solutions to manage their employees while off-site. According to the survey, 61 percent of organizations said their field workers employ smartphones or tablets on the job. Mobile and field service software help increase business efficiency, which is one of the reasons why companies often upgrade their processes to include these solutions. In the survey, 68 percent of participants listed efficiency as their biggest concern, saying it is necessary to boost the effectiveness of their field process.

Using mobile solutions to increase business efficiency

Mobile field service solutions usually incorporate software to help view, process and complete work orders. In the survey, 39 percent of companies said they use third party management software and 27 percent use their own application. Some firms do not utilize software solutions at all,  with 22 percent choosing to have paper forms and invoices instead.

One of the benefits of field service software is the convenience of having these typical business processes automated for workers, according to Business2Community. Managing inventory is a responsibility that is common yet crucial for field workers. Field service software can send notifications to employees when inventory is out of stock to quickly communicate this information to customers or let them know which parts or equipment they need to complete a job before driving to an appointment site. Being prepared for a job by having the right tools and products makes a significant difference in travel time as well as productivity when servicing customers.

Connecting inventory information with mobile solutions allows field workers to keep up-to-date at all times wherever they are in the field. By receiving information on their smartphone or tablet, they can better help customers by having inventory data in real-time at their fingertips.

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