August 24, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper:
Today's Procurement departments have a lot on their plate. Tasked with performing an essential, strategic, and multi-functional role they often require additional support to meet their organization's needs. Traditional support models, however, are rarely effective in providing Procurement the flexible assistance it requires. That's why Source One introduced its Procurement Help Desk model. Providing access to a veritable arsenal of spend management resources, the Help Desk empowers Procurement teams to optimize their performance without breaking the bank. Source One's new whitepaper outlines the Procurement Help Desk and provides a case study in its effectiveness and versatility.

New Podcast:

Investing in Procurement's People
Even in an era of constant technological innovation, well-trained people are still Procurement's most valuable resource. Many organizations, however, fail to invest properly in developing their teams. Source One's Procurement Transformation Practice Lead, Jennifer Ulrich, joins the Source One Podcast to call for a more strategic and hands-on approach to talent management in Procurement. Tedious, classroom-based sessions won't cut in anymore. Instead, she encourages Procurement's talent managers to develop dynamic micro-learning sessions to teach the strategic skills that make for truly impactful Supply Chain Management.

Simplifying the Sourcing Process 
Nearly every  Procurement professionals would agree that needlessly complex documents and convoluted processes hamper the sourcing process. As a Procurement Transformation specialist, Jennifer Ulrich has witnessed first-hand the roadblocks many organizations create for themselves. On this episode of the Source One Podcast, she advocates for a simplified, streamlined approach to developing and distributing RFx documents.

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