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The spend management experts at Source One are authorities on the subject of Procurement Transformation. Since 1992, they've worked tirelessly to drive the function's strategic evolution and help their clients see it in new ways. Recently, their efforts to guide the conversation around Procurement Transformation inspired the industry leaders to publish a five-part series examining the topic.

Featuring contributions from a nearly a dozen supply management thought leaders, the series explored Procurement Transformation from numerous angles to provide an overview that's at once broad and highly specific. Topics included closing Procurement's talent gap, reducing non-productive friction in Procurement's processes, maintaining momentum post-Transformation, and effectively reporting on Procurement's success.

Now, Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives is available as a single, comprehensive eBook. That means Procurement professionals everywhere can absorb insights for Procurement talent management, supply chain risk mitigation, and more with a single download.

The series and resulting eBook were the brainchild of Source One's own Jennifer Ulrich. As the firm's Procurement Transformation Practice Lead, she's witnessed first-hand the strange mix of confusion, excitement, and trepidation that Procurement teams reserve for Transformation.

Over the years, Ulrich has read "dozens and dozens" of publications focused on Procurement Transformation. "From a whitepaper perspective," she admits "Procurement Transformation has almost been done to death." Despite the wealth of content, Ulrich believes few explorations have provided the holistic look at Transformation that Procurement teams need. Most Procurement Transformation blogs or whitepapers, she suggests, have either taken too broad or too narrow a look at the subject. Blending specificity and breadth, Ulrich hopes Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives will stand out among the library of similar content.

She recently sat down with the Source One Podcast to discuss the series and her thoughts on the future of Procurement Transformation. Check out the episode today to learn more about how this detailed and insightful overview of Procurement's past, present, and future came together.

Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives joins Source One's library of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing whitepapers. After subscribing to the Source One Podcast, check out what the cost reduction specialists have to say about managing supplier relationships, bridging the gap between Marketing and Procurement, and more.
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