August 10, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New eBook:
Source One's new whitepaper series is now also a comprehensive eBook. The series, Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives, taps into the minds of Supply Management's most celebrated leaders and thinkers, bringing together collective decades of experience to gather insights. Their contributions and ideas surround the popular topic of Procurement transformation. Looking through numerous lenses, the leaders analyze the subject to provide thoughts, reflections and best practices, driving the Procurement discussion forward. Download the eBook for an informative, extensive look at the Procurement Transformation process.

Recent Blog: 
From Process to Profit...Rightsizing Telecom and IT Services
Leigh Merz, Next Level Purchasing, 8/8/2018
Instead of trying to grow or downsize an organization, companies should focus on 'right-sizing' the products and services they already have. This process includes taking a good look at your IT and Telecom usage and organizing and honing them to match your needs and goals. The process involves different steps, starting out with conducting a Wants vs. Needs Assessment to prioritize goals and align them with capabilities. Another step is to target quick finds or 'quick wins', which are relatively basic services that offer diverse supply base options. It is also important to plan for the future- develop a plan for updating technology, minimizing and consolidating the supply base and implementing compliance considerations. Additionally, by taking the step to engage suppliers, you can develop an idea of the actions of other business and the overall market. Finally, relating back to the Needs vs. Wants Assessment, take time in selecting what's right for your company, based on the needs and restraints from a variety of perspectives.

New Podcast:
Maintaining a Resilient Supply Chain 
With tariffs, rising costs, and the constant threat of disruptions, due diligence has taken on a new meaning for Supply Chain professionals. Senior Consultant Michael Croasdale sits down with the Podcast to discuss some of the strategies leading organizations are employing to maintain dependable operations in uncertain times. Identifying secondary and even tertiary suppliers, he suggests, is more important than ever. He goes on to discuss methods for ensuring new supply chain partners can remain dependable even in the face of the unexpected.

Changing the Procurement Transformation Conversation
Jennifer Ulrich, Source One's Procurement Transformation Practice Lead joins the Podcast to wrap up our discussion of Source One's Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives. A key contributor to this eBook, she describes her inspiration for the series, the process of composing it, and the results she hopes it will produce. If you enjoyed reading this comprehensive look at Procurement Transformation, don't miss your chance to hear out it all came together. 
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