ICYMIM: August 6, 2018

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Jim Baehr, Supply Chain Management Review, 7/27/2018
Baehr opens with the titular question, "Do your Procurement professionals spend any time with your Sales professionals sharing best practices." It's a simple question, but Baehr suggests few organizations can answer it affirmatively. Throughout the article, he calls for Procurement and Sales to rectify this situation and begin working together more openly. For both units, a strategic partnership could mean greater value generation and a more prominent seat at the table. At the very least, he writes, they should more actively engage in an internal knowledge transfer.

What is MRO?
Helen Carey, Thomas Net, 7/27/2018
MRO, an acronym for maintenance, repair, and operations, encases all of these aspects a company uses to create an end product. This range includes everything from spare parts, equipment pieces, and cleaning supplies, to activities needed to restore or maintain the function of needed equipment. In short, MRO covers everything that is used in the manufacturing of, but not employed in, a final product. It is important to develop a full understanding of MRO, its categories and coverage, and necessity in the Procurement process.

5 Critical Elements of Successful Business Mapping
Geoffrey Ives, Technology Advice, 7/30/2018
Business Mapping is a technique that can be used in all areas of business. Specifically, this technology can aid in sales planning, strategic analysis, and sales territory management. Though the use of  business mapping software is expanding in these areas, the overall number of businesses using geographic software tools equates to a small percentage of companies, relatively speaking. Bringing such a technology to your company could be a turning point. While easy and affordable, proper construction and utilization are required in order to reap the full benefits of this new innovation.

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