ISM2017 - Should I Stay or Should I Go? Session
When it comes to talent management, it comes as no surprise Millennials are a hot topic of conversation within most organizations. How to management them? What are they motivated by? And, possibly what will make them stay?

Millennials are a generation unlike any other. According to Pew Research, millennials are on track to be the most educated generation to date with 27% of women and 21% of men completing at least a Bachelor's degree between the ages of 18-33. While their level of education is positive trend (despite student loan debt) to be associated with as this generation becomes the largest share of the workforce, millennials are often associated with countless stereotypes, including being labeled as "job hoppers".

According to a study conducted by Gallup, 6/10 millennials are open to new job opportunities. In fact, 21% of millennials surveyed revealed they've changed jobs within the past year - three times the number of non millennials who reported the same. As a result, Gallop estimates that millennial turnover costs the U.S. economy $30.5 billion each year. 

So, what's guiding millennials to continuously look for new opportunities? What benefit do they see from moving on from one position or even employer to the next? And not all millennials choose to move from company to company - instead forging long-term careers with their employer. Are they missing out on key learning opportunities by "staying"?

These are just some of the questions to be asked of panel members during ISM2017's, Should I Stay or Should I Go? session, hosted by Source One Director, Diego De la Garza. On Tuesday, May 23rd at 11:15 De la Garza and his panel of top millennial supply management talent will discuss their perspective and experiences "staying" with an employer long-term throughout their career or "going" to new positions. The session will explore the benefits as well as downsides, to both career paths- offering employers a unique perspective into the motivations behind these options while providing lessons learned for professionals looking for unique career development advice.

This is just one of many interesting topics to be covered during the Institute for Supply Management Annual Conference, taking place May 21st-24th at Disney Coronado Springs. As premier sponsors of ISM2017, procurement experts from Source One Management Services welcome attendees to stop by booth #225 to learn more about the firm's portfolio of spend management solutions.

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