ICYMIM: May 1, 2017

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This Week In Procurement: A New Vision For Procurement
Philip Ideson, Art of Procurement, 4/29/2017

The "must read" procurement article this week comes from Source One's VP, Professional Services Joe Payne titled A New Vision For Procurement. In his article, Payne considers what the future has in store for procurement, and how developments in technology will achieve an advantage over professionals in the industry by already being aware of stakeholder's wants and needs. Most importantly, Payne highlights how these developments are on their way to being more efficient with these processes than professionals in the industry and unless procurement experts can bring more to the table, they may become obsolete. 

Tips For Meetings Management Program Success
Katie Virtue, Corporate United Blog, 4/26/2017

Strategic meetings management programs are being implemented throughout busy organizations and while beneficial, their introduction still raises concerns for internal teams and meeting planners especially. As management, it's crucial to dedicate time to reviewing the value proposition for implementing the SMMP to make for an easier transition. In addition, conducting periodic focus group sessions that include regular planners in your organization during the design stage of the program or even consider including the internal meeting planner in the selection process and welcoming their feedback to create transparency on the relationship.

The 4 Technologies That Will Shake Up Your Supply Chain
Christina O'Handley, Tom's Blog, 4/26/2017

As we consider the future of supply chain, we recognize that new developments in technology are allowing for operations to become totally digital. A recent study reveals that digital supply chains will completely replace traditional models over the next five years due to the robots, automation, sensors and IoT being adopted in supply chains everywhere. Mobile and wearable technologies are also trending in supply chains to offer insight and data in the industrial space and creating transparency for manufacturers, customers, and supply chain professionals alike. It's crucial as a professional in supply chain to not only understand these new technologies but also become an early adopter to achieve a competitive advantage in this new age of the digital-driven supply chain. 
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