ICYMIM: May 29, 2017

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The Power of Positive Thinking in Uncertain Environments
Kelly Barner, riskmethods, 5/24/2017

When it comes to recognizing opportunities for growth, we occasionally need to take risks and make decisions that may have undesirable effects if they were not to work in your favor. As procurement professionals there are certain risks that we have witnessed to be profitable when approached with a positive outlook, including trying new suppliers and business models. Creating a new partnership is never easy, but one that can compliment your business like a new supplier that offers innovation potential could be a risk you're willing to take. Similarly with applying a new business model to an old offering, product or service, it can be risky but it offers a new perspective that will provide otherwise achievable benefits.

Trash Talk: Evolving Policy Changes Affecting Waste Management For All Types of Business
Megan Urbas, Corporate United Blog, 5/23/2017

A key aspect of every facility management project is waste management, and how to go about this inevitable by-product of business. This category specifically offers an opportunity to utilize a strategic partnership for your organization's long-term environmental liability and sustainability initiatives. In addition, companies that don't comply with policies enforcing regulations for waste removal/management are subject to facing fines and other fees for improper disposal that has negative effects on the environment. It will serve useful to be aware of waste management regulations that simple compliance with can prevent costly consequences.

The True Achiever Challenge
Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3, NLPA blog, 5/24/2017

Even the most successful professionals have room for improvement, especially in an industry like procurement with consistently new and improved best practices. Even the best procurement negotiators are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance their skills and develop even more efficient skills. Even if you are considered great at your procurement work according to objective standards, there are ways you can achieve more by improving skills that will support your expertise to make you a well rounded professional that offers more than just a specific focus and has multiple categories of expertise that compliment each other.
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