In case you missed it, Google changed their logo and people are noticing.

This week Google revealed a new logo along with some other revamps to their branding, such as the signature "g" for apps and the microphone icon. In their announcement of the new brand images, Google explained that the reason for the change is to improve integration with more device platforms. The previous iterations of Google's logo and branded images were designed with desktop platforms in mind, but they are now making the shift for improved compatibility with mobile devices.

Whether you like the new logo or no, this move by Google is further evidence of a shift in the digital space.

A recent report from eMarketer predicts that this year, mobile advertising will surpass desktop (or other non-mobile platforms) for the first time since its inception. According to eMarketer, advertisers will spend approximately $30.5B in 2015 on mobile advertising an increase of almost 60% from 2014. Conversely, spend with desktop advertising will fall to $27.7B from $30.5B in 2014. It is no surprise that advertisers are investing more money in mobile advertising - nearly two-thirds of the American population owns a smartphone. Not only that, but consumers rely on their smartphones to perform actions they previously would have with their desktop computers. For example, credit card companies now have their own apps which allow you to check your statement and pay your bill from your smartphone. Advertisers and developers alike are focusing on making their content more mobile friendly to reach their target audiences on all platforms and developing content specific for mobile devices (i.e. SMS/MMS advertisements).

What does this mean from a sourcing perspective?

It may be time to review your digital agency to make sure their capabilities are in line with current trends and that they have the technical expertise to support a shift in strategy to a different medium (i.e. mobile). If you do not have a digital agency or you are looking for a new digital partner, an agency search may be the next step. The most important thing to keep in mind when conducting an agency search is to evaluate suppliers based on their capabilities as it relates to your marketing strategy. If you are interested in making a move mobile, then you should review potential agency partners for their capabilities within this space. Some things to look for would be their capabilities and experience working with both Android and iOS systems, developing banner ads, and creating mobile videos. Similarly, you should evaluate agencies based on their abilities to adapt to the changing technology landscape. If your organization is always on the cusp of the latest trends, you would want an agency that has the resources and technical expertise to keep up with those trends and adapt.

Today, the hot topic is mobile advertising - or more specifically, the new Google logo, but pretty soon it could be something completely different. For marketers, it is essential to stay on top of the latest trends to know how best to reach your target audience. Equally as important is ensuring that you have an agency partner that can support you as the tides change from one strategy to the next.

Image courtesy of Google
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