The days of pushing a brand just “to get out there” are over—thank goodness. Modern Marketing and Advertising are now centered on a brand’s personal engagement and long-term resonance within an audience. As companies turn to agencies to manage their communications with these goals in mind, the perfect balance of upholding culture and a fresh perspective must be maintained. To get the most value for the investment of onboarding an agency, there are certain details that must be addressed.

Source One’s Kathleen Jordan, Associate Director, was approached with this topic by ScribbleLive, and from her experience in helping organizations identify best-fit agency partners, she was able to expand on proper criteria and best practices to be successful in working with an agency navigating non-traditional advertising.

In the article, Top 9 Tips for Finding and Working with an Advertising Agency, Jordan informed Engage Magazine that the first step in gaining the assistance of a qualified agency partner is outlining the details of the project(s) for which assistance is needed. “Before engaging any agency candidates, a company must first outline and agree upon the scope of work for the overall assignment. This will drive the best results for an agency search. The key deliverables, strategic goals, and selection criteria will serve as the framework for the entire search process; therefore, establishing this upfront will allow a brand team to clearly understand the type of agency they are looking for, assessing the core competencies, capabilities, and experience levels that need to be delivered to the brand,” Jordan said. Once you’ve laid out the foundation of your needs based on these factors, these principles should be used to guide your search.

An organization should also decide whether they are looking to accomplish solely one project’s work or a strategic partnership marking the agency as their Agency of Record (AOR). When evaluating agency candidates for a “one-and-done” type project scenario, more specified and technical expertise can be placed in evaluations; however with a more long-term arrangement, cultural fit becomes an important consideration.

Jordan’s interview expands into further detail about marketing trends affecting agency relationships, resources to help navigate the selection process, and proper ways to do your due diligence and confirm similar objectives between agencies and organizations. In today’s shifting marketing community, these areas cannot be overlooked if an organization seeks to unlock innovation in brand messaging.

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