Aside from analyzing the “what” and “why” of indirect procurement, Source One eagerly awaits the 2015 ProcureCon Indirect East Conference to delve into the “how” and champion the cause. At the event on February 11-13 in Championsgate, Florida, Source One looks forward to sharing thoughts on how to refresh the ideals of the indirect materials procurement process. One key area companies can see an optimized indirect procurement practice, for instance, is through gaining organizational support.

You may have read our previous post, “Perfect Your Indirect through Organizational Support” and wondered how to take the concept a step further. If you haven’t yet seen the guide to gaining internal support for indirect procurement departments, it involved beginning steps toward seeing an optimized indirect material purchasing practice by achieving the support of other business departments. Going a step further, the below infographic expands on actionable steps to begin this change within your own company. You’ll be amazed with the potential of your indirect procurement group once there is a stronger backing.

To get the most out of your direct or indirect procurement process, Source One is here—visit our strategic sourcing experts today. If you have any indirect procurement thoughts and you’d like to exchange ideas at ProcureCon Indirect East this year, please contact us at and we can schedule some time to meet.

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