The Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered one of the best Android-based smartphones on the market right now, with an impressive 18 million Q3 sales. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with my Galaxy S3, I am looking forward to the Premium Suite upgrade pack that is said to be available soon. Samsung launched a video demonstrating the new features that will be included with the upgrade. Samsung has yet to release the upgrade date, but it is said to be dependent upon country and mobile carrier. The update is to include several features such as:

  • Page Buddy—predicts what users want to do based on actions. For example, if a user plugs in earphones it will launch the designated music player
  • Reader Mode—users will be able to change text size and share web pages easily
  • Easy Mode—will display the five frequently viewed widgets on the home screen
  • Low-Light-Shot—promotes better picture taking in dark light
  • Best Face—allows users to take five pictures consecutively and then choose the best one to keep
  • Facebook Lock Ticker—displays a person’s social news feed on lock screen

In other news, rumors are currently circulating that Samsung is making effort to create an ‘unbreakable’ screen; this could have alleviated my headache with Verizon over a cracked screen last week. Although this may just be a rumor, reports have been made that Samsung is working on flexible displays that could arrive as soon as next year with the possibility of being added to the Galaxy S IV. The flexible material would be designed using a plastic substrate; and would definitely put Samsung ahead of the competition. An ‘unbreakable’ screen would be ideal, especially for a phone of this size; the effort to create an unbreakable screen may also take implement an unscratchable thin-film surface with a self-regenerating technology. Think of the amount that would be saved per year on display replacements and repairs; even with phone insurance the deductible on a 'premium smartphone' is typically around $100.

The battle between Apple and Samsung still continues as the $1 billion verdict Apple won over Samsung over the summer for the ‘illegal’ use of Apple technology; the second lawsuit filed against Samsung is set for a 2014 trial. Neither company will see a significant dent in their revenue based on the findings, although will the legal battle tarnish either reputation? Each company is striving to dominate the competitive landscape which is more of an consumer preference decision vs. the technology that sets each other apart. Samsung had a strong Q3 resulting in 55 million smartphones sold compared to Apple’s 23.6 million; Samsung is compensating well by selling a large amount of smartphones. The gap between units sold may make some investors ponder, will Apple be able to uphold its innovative platform that transformed technology today?
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