As 2012 comes to an end we realize that cutting costs with coupon and sale shopping, Do It Yourself projects for the home, and overall frugality in every day life has become the new craze. In the past people would flaunt their expensive purchases like new cars, technology, custom home improvements and other superfluous purchases to prove their self worth to friends and neighbors.

The economical hard times of this past year resulted in more people showing off their “great deals” and cheaper buys to express how smart and thrifty they are now; and people do regard these traits.

To be so admired in the New Year consider these cost effective suggestions below:

Brand Name Products and Comparison Shopping
Target, like other department stores offers low-cost skin care items and makeup that compete with “name brand” products with the same compound at much lower prices. They also offer designer clothing that is customized to their price point and consumer buyer.

Refurbished Buys
Technology like TV’s, video games, and cell phones to name a few, have good and sometimes longer warranties than new products and are available at an extremely discounted prices.

Online Shopping
There are always great deals and a variety of manufacturer goods available at electronic commerce stores like Amazon but don’t forget to check out online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist.

Sale Circulars
Don’t forget to check out upcoming sales both in-store and online and check your paper for coupons.  For example, right now there are so many stores offering 50 percent off holiday items so why not stock up for next year!

Get ready for the New Year and next time you are out shopping ask this questions before making a purchase "Do you want to be admired for being a spendthrift or “Spendthirfty”?"

Happy Holidays!
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