Google streamlines Motorola supply chain It was recently revealed that electronics manufacturing service Flextronics will take over Motorola's facilities in China and manage and operate its plant in Brazil. Google's Motorola Mobility unit has announced assets and employees will make the transfer to Flextronics in early 2013. The deal's financial aspects have not been announced.

The agreement will deal with manufacturing and services for Google's Android system and will serve to streamline the company's supply chain operations.

"The agreement with Flextronics is an important step forward for us in transforming our overall supply chain into a competitive advantage for Motorola Mobility," said Mark Randall, senior vice president of supply chain and operations for Motorola Mobility. "Flextronics has been our partner for many years, and their expertise and experience in manufacturing will enable us to focus on other areas of the supply chain where we can add the most value."

This is only one of several recent steps Google has taken to increase Motorola's efficiency and profitability. The company also recently announced that most of Motorola's South Korean operations would be shut down in 2013, as Google works to restructure the firm.
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