By now most are familiar with Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) and the related Wireless Expense Management (WEM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools that are out there.  Traditionally, these tools are best employed by organizations with large or complex spends.  In order to get the most bang for your buck with these tools and services, it's imperative that the spend under management has been groomed and meticulously implemented.  Then, users can take advantage of the vast inventory, bill audit and device management tools as well as the multitudes of other features commonly offered by most providers nowadays.  And, if you have a large or complex spend, this can bring simplicity to your world and aid in managing and maintaining your services, keeping end users happy, and give you confidence you are not overspending.

In the wireless world, there has always been a caveat to this tools that many don't even consider but can be significant for organizations with many users or users who travel internationally: the data used by most tools is outdated.  That may not sound right at first, after all, most TEM/WEM providers have data available immediately as the carriers make it available or within a few days, so how would that be outdated?  Well, what if a user is travelling with an inappropriate or inadequate international plan on their phone?  You won't discover potentially massive over-billings until it's far too late.  Or, what if you have been trying to cut your pooled minutes as close as possible to your typical profile but an exceptionally busy month puts you way over?  There are new tools that can provide realtime data.  For example, apps for mobile devices that force international roamers to use VoIP as a preferred calling method and expense management tools that gain realtime usage data which allows you to identify potential overages as their happening and adjust your plans accordingly to avoid overage charges.  

With all of the options for telecommunications and wireless expense management, it can be difficult to know where to get started in reigning in your spend and what tools to use to manage the results you produce.  To learn more about how to reduce and control telecommunications costs, contact Source One at
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