Like many other people now that the Christmas Holiday is over it becomes time to take down the tree. Currently I live in a community that does not offer Christmas tree pickup, so I’m stuck looking elsewhere to dispose of it. Not wanting to just throw it in the garbage and leave it to rot in the local landfill, I began to look elsewhere. Many large cities like Philadelphia and Chicago are offering Christmas tree recycling programs. The program is very simple, locations are set up around the city for tree drop off, and in turn the city recycles the trees by mulching them. The mulch is then available to city residents for free. 

However, for me none of the location drop offs were very convenient, and it got me thinking. What if large companies offered Christmas tree recycling programs for their employees? I mean as far as convenience goes you can’t really beat just dropping your tree off in the parking lot outside of work.  Not only is it a win for the employees but it’s a win for the company as well. It’s a fairly low cost way for companies to boost their sustainability programs. With the nation looking for more and more ways to go green it is an excellent public relations move and fairly simple way for companies to decrease their carbon footprint. Hypothetically each tree an employee brings in is a tree saved from the landfill.
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Mike Croasdale

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