The race for the Republican Presidential nomination un-officially kicks off today with a debate in Iowa. I for one am looking forward to months of gaffes, half-truths, historical inaccuracies, and some plain old fashioned flag-waving good times. By the end of all the fun I will be lucky if I have any hair left.

Yesterday, Rick Perry told us that he prays for our President. That’s nice to know. Some of the things he prays for are that Obama would “turn back the health care law that's been passed, ask that his EPA back down these regulations that are causing businesses to hesitate to spend money.” When I heard “W-2” say that, I was astonished at the lack of shame. Even if I firmly believed that profits were more important than clean air, water, and a healthy citizenry; even if I prayed for it, I certainly would have second thoughts about announcing it to the world.

Today Mitt Romney decided to continue the pro-business love fest by announcing that corporations are people. “Corporations are people, my friend…” he told an audience member at a Q&A in Iowa, who seemed to take issue with that statement. Romney’s rationale is that corporations make money, and that money goes to people. Therefore, corporations are people.

That in itself provides us with not only Romney’s definition of a corporation, but also his definition of a person. Following his logic, a person is a thing that makes money. Taking it one step further, the more money you make (or have) the more of a person you are.

And Mitt, here I was thinking you were going to be the reasonable one, but that in a nutshell though is the current stance of the Republican Party. Those who have, get; those who don’t, aren’t.

I supposed that given the policies they try to implement and the stances they take, that kind of thinking makes it easier for them to sleep at night, but it certainly doesn’t make it much easier to swallow the bullsh*t they sling.
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