Boeing officials set sights on $1 trillion in new orders  Boeing Co., the world's second-largest aeronautics company, is hoping an updated, energy efficient version of its vaunted 737 will help increase its market share over the next 20 years, according to a published report.

Boeing, which recently won government approval for its Dreamliner, is looking to capture at least half of the airline market over the coming years. Bloomberg reports that Boeing officials are betting the company's latest iteration of the 737, the MAX, will help it to receive more than $1 trillion in new orders.

Airbus is Boeing's biggest competitor, and the European-based agency announced earlier in the summer it had received a record number of orders for its new energy efficient planes. Airliners across the globe are increasingly working to improve fuel efficiency, especially given the volatile swings in energy prices witnessed over the past few years.

"This is an airplane that’s going to allow us not to just maintain the market share we have, but one that will allow us to grow the market share," Boeing Commercial Airplanes president Jim Albaugh said.
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