After three years of delays, Boeing set to deliver Dreamliner in September  Boeing's exceedingly complex supply chain ultimately resulted in the aerospace giant's late delivery of its vaunted 787 Dreamliner. According to a published report, Boeing is set to conclude flight tests on the energy efficient airliner this weekend.

According to a report from Reuters, Boeing is slated to finish flight tests for its long-delayed Dreamliner this weekend. The first Dreamliner was scheduled to be delivered more than three years ago, but strategic sourcing difficulties, along with a number of other set backs, have slowed production rates.

However, Boeing's chief of commercial airplanes, Jim Albaugh, told reporters this week that the 787 is set for delivery to All Nippon Airways in September. What's more, Albaugh said as the year goes on, the company's production rates will increase.

Albaugh also told reporters this week that Boeing plans to seek approval from its board of directors this month to develop an updated version of its 737 aircraft. A fuel efficient engine would be included in the plane's redesign, which would help airlines to achieve business cost reductions, he said.
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