Research firm ISuppli: Apple failing to keep up with iPad demand  An Apple enthusiast can tell you how hard it is to secure an iPad2. With Apple stores consistently selling out of the popular gadget, many would-be owners have been left without the latest must-have accessory. Now, research company IHI ISuppli cut its projections for iPad shipments this year following reports of Apple failing to meet burgeoning demand for its tablet offering.

Bloomberg reports the California-based research company said Apple could ship 39.7 million iPads this year; that figure represents a nine percent decline from the company's February estimate of 43.7 million units.

There have been widespread reports about delays in iPad shipments, and with the ongoing crisis in Japan, analysts contend that additional disruptions could result through the end of this year. According to ISuppli, Apple has had trouble securing liquid-crystal displays and speakers, spurring the supply shortages.

Nonetheless, ISupply affirmed that Apple has moved more aggressively than other technology companies to find alternative suppliers for its critical components, and that delays so far have resulted from supply and demand fundamentals.

Apple currently is far and away the leader in the tablet market and is widely expected to command a dominant market share through next year.
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  1. Demand is still extreme, but it’s definitely getting better. has shown numerous stores with consistent inventory (although it’s usually just the Verizon models). With the addition of the new touchscreen manufacturer this week, iPad 2s should be almost plentiful in the next few weeks.