Perrigo's manufacturing practices OK'd by FDA  Last year, consumer products giant Johnson & Johnson was heavily scrutinized for its manufacturing disruptions that led to consumer complaints over tainted medications. Generic drugmaker Perrigo Co faced a similar inquiry from the Federal Drug Administration, but this week the company announced it has cooperated with the agency to rectify the manufacturing issues it came under fire for at its Allegan, Michigan facility.

Reuters reports that in April of last year, the generic drug maker got a letter from the FDA detailing violations the agency's inspectors found when they performed a routine checkup of the facility. The company quickly acted to overhaul its manufacturing facility and addressed the issues the FDA presented, according to the company.

This week, the FDA said that Perrigo now has an acceptable regulatory status, meaning it is complying with the regulations the government holds drugmakers to. The FDA re-inspected the Michigan facility in March and found no problems with its manufacturing.

Since March, when FDA inspectors arrived to examine the facility again, the company's shares have risen 11 percent as investors regained confidence in the company following the former disruptions to its manufacturing activity.
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