Emerge Medical's supply chain model helps hospitals cut costs by 50 percent  U.S. policymakers have battled over the past few weeks as to how to rein in the soaring deficit. Republicans introduced a bill that applies huge cuts to funding hospital visits, underscoring the pressure on hospitals to cut costs and boost efficiency. This week, Emerge Medical announced it is set to unveil the industry's first-ever line of generic implants and instruments.

According to company executives, the generic alternatives to their expensive name-brand counterparts could greatly reduce costs to both hospitals and consumers. The $2 billion orthopedic trauma market is a big cash cow and with the introduction of generic implants, the company hopes to save hospitals money while winning their business.

"Hospitals are increasingly pressured to cut costs while continuing to deliver quality medical care. Emerge Medical was created to meet this critical need," said Emerge Medical chief executive John Marotta. "Our supply chain model offers hospitals and physicians high-quality products at a significantly lower cost, changing the way medical device sales are approached and empowering hospitals to improve efficiency."

Emerge Medical routinely delivers cost savings of up to 50 percent to its customers based on its direct contact with hospital administrators and surgeons to slash the add-on costs that normally arise when working with medical device sales forces.
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  1. It is baffeling that ortho has been able to avert the basic laws of capitalism for the past three centuries. It is about time that these commodities are identified as such. Way to call a spade a spade.