Yup, that's right! They will think of anything, and I mean anything. Ecovative Design, an environmentally friendly based packaging company based in NY is working with Ford Motor Company to develop biodegradable, compostable car parts. Using corn and oat husks combined with mycelium this innovative company is developing, "fungus-based, biodegradable foam for automotive bumpers, side doors and dashboards", according to cnnmoney.com. The products are fire and waterproof and will decompose once buried in soil. The company is looking to expand the offering to multiple facets of the packaging industry such as building insulation, table and cabinets bases, and even challenging the Styrofoam industry. Not only are the products more ecologically efficient but they are cost efficient costing the same as Styrofoam. Ford Motor Company has already taken strides to become more eco-friendly in their vehicle construction by using a soy-based foam for seat cushions. What's next...broccoli as fuel to run the vehicles? Ya never know! The article goes on to note that Ecovative is built on a business composed of a very heterogeneous staff. Their different backgrounds, including everyone from beekeepers to mechanical engineers, come together to create a uniquely innovative environment. This is something that we at Source One can also say, the various backgrounds of our staff members come together to build a solid structure that benefits our clients in many different aspects. Check us out at SourceOneInc.com for more information on how your company can reap the benefits!
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Jennifer Ulrich

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  1. wow-sci-fi comes to reality!!!!

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