St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City employs patient monitoring system to boost efficiency  St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City was looking to cut costs and boost its efficiency, but was unsure where to look. After some research, the hospital turned toward Central Logic, buying the company's flagship Central Logic ForeFront to help support its patient transfer center managed out of the facility. 

Hospital administrators at St. Lukes, which is a leader among U.S. hospitals in technology and innovation, affirm the technology will help the hospital to streamline its logistics at its 11 hospitals throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Central Logic chief executive Dr. Darin Vercillo said that logistics problems often result when hospitals move patients from one facility to another.

"For Saint Luke's and other regional health systems servicing large geographical areas, a patient transfer center addresses common financial, operational, and care-related issues associated with patient movements," said Dr. Vercillo. He affirms Central Logic's technology "is specifically designed to handle all of these requirements with ease and speed, and to eliminate many of the administrative headaches that typically hamper productivity or interfere with medical treatment obligations."

ForeFront gives hospitals the ability to better monitor patients and more quickly deliver information on them to their doctors. Hospitals that have used the system have reported great cost savings, increased supply efficiency and better logistics control.
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