Companies increasingly turn to Mexico for sourcing productsThough Asian countries are often chosen by companies for sourcing products, there has been a recent shift among businesses from the East toward the South as Mexico quickly becomes a go-to supplier for businesses around the world, eclipsing some Asian countries.

Global Luxe, a sourcing company, is one company that has sprung up in recent years to help businesses looking for international sourcing projects in Mexico. The company acts like a concierge for businesses, connecting them to appropriate manufacturers and providing them with low cost warehousing solutions.

Global Luxe President Elizabeth Helsley affirms that businesses are increasingly looking to reduce business costs and increase supply chain efficiency through supplier deals with Mexican companies. "While many companies looked to Asian countries several years ago for sourcing products, our clients are now discovering the cost and time benefits of sourcing products in Mexico," said Helsley.

One of the most alluring characteristics Mexico has to businesses is its close proximity to the U.S. By sourcing products in Mexico, companies are able to cut shipping costs and slash delivery times, helping their bottom lines, asserts Helsley.
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