Massachusetts hospital to trim costs with supply chain management software  Hospitals in the U.S. are under pressure to cut costs and boost efficiency as they prepare for an uptick in the amount of patients they serve following the landmark passing of the comprehensive health care bill in 2010. Saints Medical Center in Lowell, Massachusetts is implementing a supply chain solution to streamline its supply chain and bring down soaring costs.

The hospital serves a small community in the Boston suburb and affirms the inventory control system it recently bought will help it to most accurately monitor its supply chain. The Mobile Supply Chain software from Management Health Services will help the hospital to count, cleanse and optimize its supply chain by keeping accurate records and providing constant feedback to hospital administrators.

"We realized that MHS Mobile Supply Chain Software Solutions were the best-of-breed in the health care supply chain segment," said Steven Basiliere, director of supply chain management for Saints Medical Center. "By implementing MHS Mobile Supply Chain Software Solutions, we are building a great foundation and planning for success."

Within the first 18 months of implementation, the system could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in outpatient services alone, Basiliere contends; the system will also help the hospital cut its inventory stockpiles, freeing up space. 
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