Coca-Cola Refreshments U.S.A., the largest manufacturer and distribution point in the world for the largest soft drink producer in the world, has implemented a VoIP system in 100 of their largest facilities for picking orders. This voice system is currently managing 3,000 employees and this is only the beginning for Coca-Cola. At all 100 facilities, employees are using voice recognition for picking, packing, and shipping all products. This not only has improved the accuracy of orders, but has also resulted in $2million savings. Off the shelf headsets and phones are purchased rather than mobile computer units throughout the distribution centers. Coca-Cola does point out that there is a cost for making sure there are enough connections needed for coverage in a VoIP system and the need to purchase headsets; however these costs were more than offset by the savings on the hardware.

For Coca-Cola, the switch to VoIP made the most sense. The company, on a corporate wide basis, already had the infrastructure in place for VoIP, and SAP was able to work with a partner to develop an application that followed their current workflow structure. Now a voice system is managing 3,000 employees at 100 facilities, and Coca-Cola is maintaining 99.8% shipping accuracy. The outcome of this successful venture is to continue to implement this program at other facilities, and extend VoIP to other processes to continue to see cost savings and improved efficiencies.
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