WSJ: Apple begins manufacturing newest version of the iPad There has been mounting speculation the past few months over Apple's next-generation iPad and when the company will unveil it; rumors surfaced Wednesday that production on a lighter, thinner version of the tablet has begun.

The second-generation iPad will have at least one camera on the front of the device for video-conferencing, but the resolution will remain similar to the company's first-generation model, people "familiar to the matter" told The Wall Street Journal; along with those upgrades, it will also have more memory and a better graphics processor.

Though Apple declined to comment, fanboys, analysts and others are keeping a close eye on the production of the new iPad as it shows how the company plans to move on from the recent departure of chief executive Steve Jobs, who took a leave of absence last month citing health issues.

Since its release in April, the iPad has been a huge hit, with Apple reporting sales of 14.8 million units and counting. In Apple's December quarter, the tablet contributed $4.6 billion in sales, or 17 percent of the company's overall revenue. Analysts contend the newest iPad will hit store shelves within the next few months and will have a similar pricing model to the current model, ranging from $499 to $829.  
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