The budget crises of American states has Wisconsin governor Scott Walker putting his state workers' collective bargaining rights for pensions and health care on the chopping block.

The cost of entitlements for state and city workers has been an elephant in the room for years now and Republicans contend that it is a key to balancing budgets. Pro-union democrats contend that a cut in these entitlements is simply a convenient excuse to justify irresponsible spending in other areas of the budget. Employee benefit costs in the public sector have increased by over 60% since 2001, and the cost of benefits in the private sector are not far behind.

CFOs and finance executives across the American business landscape strive to apply strategic sourcing principles to their major direct spend because of the obvious massive cost and operational impact. However, they may not have the realtime market intelligence, expertise, experience, or just plain time to fully evaluate each nuanced indirect spend category such as employee benefits. A category this complex and sensitive requires special attention.

Businesses are increasingly turning to procurement service providers like Source One to source indirect spend categories such as employee benefits. Source One has the tools, market intelligence, and experience to produce significant cost reductions in employee benefits and find the most competitive service offering tailored to your company's specific needs.
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