Energy efficiency can help cut business costs Companies looking to improve their efficiency and cut business costs should consider increasing energy efficiency as utility costs can account for 20 percent of the average business' expenditures.

The Guardian reports that swings in energy prices over the past few years have led many businesses to reassess their heating, cooling and electric systems as a means of cutting costs. For example, businesses that take simple steps to manage their energy more efficiently routinely report reductions in their utility bills of 10 percent or more, while companies that make energy efficiency a business priority can save between 20 percent and 30 percent.

Smart Meters monitor energy use and deliver real time assessments of energy use; many businesses that have implemented the devices affirm they have helped cut costs drastically. Moreover, many states and the federal government offer subsidies to businesses that install solar panel systems as a way to cut electricity usage.

Though some businesses are loath to invest the time and money it takes to make energy efficiency upgrades, the initial capital investment is often more than made up for in the medium- and long-term effects of streamlining energy operations, analysts assert.  
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