Chinese firm to supply German solar company with solar panels  JinkoSolar, the Chinese-based solar manufacturer, announced this week it has entered into a supply chain agreement with Payom Solar, a German solar installer.

Per terms of the supplier deal, JinkoSolar will supply Payom with 35 megawatts of solar panels; according to executives from JinkoSolar, the company's solar modules will be installed in solar panel projects - both roof- and ground-mounted - in Europe, Southern California and some East Coast states, including New York and New Jersey.

Arturo Herrero, the chief strategic officer at JinkoSolar, affirmed the supply chain agreement would help reduce business costs and improve efficiency. "Our new supply agreement with Payom Solar reflects continued recognition and implementation of our high quality products and builds upon our established track record with leading solar companies around the world," he said in a statement.

JinkoSolar manufactures its solar modules in China and benefits from the lower costs of doing business there. Daniel Grosch, a member of Payom's management board, said the supplier agreement would help the company expand its operations around the globe. "We are pleased to be working with JinkoSolar as Payom expands its global solar development and services business," he asserted
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