Source One Management Services has become the first U.S. company ever invited to make a feature presentation at Mexico’s 2nd National Congress Manzanillo (CONAMA) 2011, a major international trade and tourism business symposium scheduled for March 10-12 , in Manzanillo, Mexico.

Steven M. Belli, Chief Executive Officer, and William R. Dorn, Director of Operations at Source One, will make a featured presentation on the topic of: “A U.S. Buyer’s Perspective on Sourcing in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities” to an expected audience of some 500 participants representing leaders from government, businesses and universities throughout Mexico and Latin America with interests in international commerce, outsourcing and procurement, logistics, transportation and tourism.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be the first and only U.S. firm ever invited to participate in this growing international business event,” said Mr. Belli. “This unique opportunity is a reflection of our leadership position in providing assistance to U.S. companies looking to near-source from Mexico and other areas closer to home.”

“As strategic sourcing specialists, we have a unique perspective on the developing ties between U.S. companies and their suppliers who can be located anywhere in the world – not only in traditional places like India, China, and Taiwan, but in increasingly competitive near-shore markets such as Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America,” he added.

The 2nd National Congress Manzanillo (CONAMA) 2011 is being co-sponsored by the Departments of Tourism, International Trade and Customs at Mexico’s Univer Colima and the University of Manzanillo. Its purpose is to provide a forum for increasing trade and tourism through discussion, feedback, fellowship and analysis of relevant topics and issues of interest related to participants’ respective national and global agendas.

Source One Management Services, LLC, based in Willow Grove, PA, is one of the leading strategic sourcing and procurement providers in the U.S. Its team of experienced sourcing professionals works closely with clients’ in-house staff to reduce spend, optimize existing budgets and increase the efficiency of operations by using proven sourcing and purchasing strategies, best practices, innovative technology, and an unsurpassed database of market intelligence dating back to 1992 to help clients achieve the maximum level of savings possible.
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