Toyota recalls of 2.17 million vehicles on urging of governmentThe world's biggest automaker, Toyota Motor, suffered through a public relations nightmare last year, issuing recalls for its cars and incurring a hefty fine from the U.S. government for safety violations. The company is reeling as it announced Thursday it would recall an additional 2.17 million vehicles in the U.S.

Toyota will recall vehicles dating back to the model year 2003 to address concerns that floor mats could interfere with the accelerator pedal; in 2010, there were reports that some of Toyota's vehicles accelerated uncontrollably, though in its own investigation the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found the reports unsubstantiated.

Nonetheless, analysts and safety advocates have lobbied Toyota to address the consumer safety concerns. Toyota has maintained there are no flaws in its electronic throttle-control system, but after the NHTSA combed through nearly 400,000 pages of documents to "determine whether the scope of its recalls for pedal entrapment was sufficient," the agency suggested Toyota recall these additional vehicles.

After Toyota announced its latest vehicle recall, the NHTSA announced its "investigation is closed" into the Japanese automaker's accelerator pedals.
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