How do we know what we are getting unless we give it a whirl or actually trying it on for size? Unfortunately, we do not always get this opportunity for all business exchanges.

In this series we will be exploring the problems with the management consulting industry, from my vantage during my experiences in this industry.
While at times this series might seem as though that I am bringing straight heat to your standard white glove management consultants, from the likes of Mckinsey, Bain to Accenture and IBM, but in truth, behind the snark, I think these points are much more positive in spirit, I am really just an advocate for a better work product and result, while seeking tones of snark to entertain. <Disclaimer done!> (for potential future prospective client employers)  
Now that is out of the way, let me paint this scene: You are down to two suppliers and lets call one of the presenting company’s Srey Dickinesy Marketing..To be confused with companies that have similar names...
They do their pitch, coming in with loads of energy and with people who have off the record job titles of something to the effect of the “The Closer” and “The Finisher”. They show up with a team of 15 and naturally of course, requesting a larger room last second - Just to show their shallow might and to make this statement: "if you buy us, we will bring departments for your $500K engagement." Thinking from their perspective, they got to like one of us. In my space we call this the Crazy Backward Dance. CBD for short. We all might know someone who fell victim to CBD…  
...Welcome to the world of Sourcing, Management, and Specialized consulting...
You of course select one of the 2 CBD providers for your outsourced, augmentation and or consultative capacity and you get the ol’ switch a roo when it comes to services being rendered. Day one of the engagement, you get meet the B Team. Lets talk about the B team in our next post on this series. Our focus here is really about managing expectations and making sure you engage with what's really needed.
Should fall victim and Prey to predators transmitting KBD you will likely experience the following symptoms:
·       Amnesia, forgetting that you ever liked this company to begin with

·       Extreme buyer’s remorse, resulting in doubts on other purchases seemingly not related, like your pants you have on today.  thinking thoughts like “ would I be in this situation if I bought pants with pleats?”
Here is how to prevent and Treat CBD:
Scope of work! Scope of Work! Scope of Work! & Review and interview. From my experiences  I have been interviewed by clients 4 times before being placed on an actual engagements. That’s just how we do things in the NON CBD Transmissions transactions, there is integrity… Weird right. Make Corporate Great Again? Nope, just kidding. Anyway hope you enjoyed this read and will check out the next post in this series. Problems and Solutions with Management Consulting: The People.
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