As Procurement continues to reveal its strategic value, the business world's true giants are investing in building their own world-class teams. That means its more challenging than ever for small and mid-sized companies to distinguish themselves as employers of choice.

Small companies can't be Amazon or Google. They can, however, borrow from these big time players. MRA Global Sourcing's Nick Lazarra believes any company can distinguish themselves by establishing a strong brand, communicating a consistent vision, and offering candidates the opportunity for growth. He provides these tips and more on the latest episode of ISM2018 Session Insights.

Check out the episode today. Don't forget Nick will co-host Orchestrating a Procurement Transformation: A Symphony of Recruiting, Branding, and Leading at ISM2018. Alongside Scott Ottenheimer and Source One Analyst Kaitlyn Krigbaum, he'll provide attendees with best practices for refining Procurement and achieving maximum strategic value.
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