ICYMIM: August 7, 2017

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5 Things Employers of Choice Understand About Hiring Top Procurement Talent
Nick Lazzara and Naseem Malik, Spend Matters, 8/02/2017

There are many ways companies can stand out for top talent, in any industry, to attract employees that will be quality assets to their organization. The results from a 2017 Hiring Sentiment Study by MRINetwork demonstrated that top talent is turned off when employers have lengthy hiring processes, a less than competitive compensation, and an employer attitude that candidates should be thankful to be in consideration for an opportunity with their company. Another challenge is retaining these high performers, and procurement employers of choice are recognized by having a greater understanding of hiring best practices.

Procurement Priorities Should Mirror Organizational Priorities... But They Often Don't!
Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3, NLPA, 8/02/2017

Different organizations have their own unique approaches and priorities that are usually consistent throughout the different departments within their company. One could assume that this includes the procurement group, and that their priorities would be identical to the organizational priorities, but this is often not the case. This is because while good procurement work is generally good for business and the company as a whole, it can conflict with other department's priorities and this is when we see conflict or resistance to procurement efforts. For this reason it is important to identify metrics that will guide procurement efforts accordingly.

2017 Background Screening Trends: What You Should Know
Jim Walters, Corporate United, 7/31/2017

It is crucial to reference recent studies to stay updated on the latest trends within any industry or market, including the job market. A 2017 Background Screening Best Practices Report recognized trends for this specific aspect of the hiring process from multiple perspectives. Recruiters surveyed knew that reducing time to hire is important for a positive candidate experience, as is the utilization of technology throughout the onboarding process. Employers priorities were focused on easily accessing the necessary background information, and agreed that a criminal record search is on of the fastest ways to find this data.

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