At Source One we love happy hours! It's a opportunity time after work to reconnect with the team beyond weekly check-ins and status meetings to enjoy great food and each others' company. As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary this year, we can think of no better way than to collect our Chicago team members, friends, and business affiliates for a Procurement Professionals Happy Hour

We've already begun giving you plenty of reasons to attend and then some more after that - but we know that sometimes its hard to make time for a little bit of fun during the work week. Nonetheless, we have five more reasons for you to stop in on September 14th to meet and network with Procurement professionals. 

15. To Lament the Weather – Besides lake-effect breeze, Chicago also suffers from the wonderful weather pattern we call “lake-effect snow.” In other words, winter is super harsh!. And the summers aren’t any better – thanks to the skyscrapers and pavement, Chicago can reach unbearable heatwave highs; the highest on record? 109 F at Fairway Park.  

14. To Exchange Ghost Stories About the Congress Plaza Hotel – If you’ve missed hearing about the strange phenomena in Chicago’s Congress Plaza Hotel – from the sound of children laughing in the halls in the middle of the night, to the shadow of a woman standing at the foot of your bed – you better drop what you’re doing and show up to Source One’s Happy Hour. You’re gonna wanna hear these tales of terror.

13. To Eat Deep Dish Pizza – Simply put, THE BEST pizza of ANY pizza available in the United States, period (sorry not sorry New York.) You simply aren’t living until you stuff huge, doughy, cheesy deep dish slices into your face (it’s better than Chicago’s ketchup-less hotdogs). If you’re looking for an authentic Chicago experience, you better show up at Source One’s Happy Hour. 

12. To Find Out If Chicago Really is the “Windy City” – You know, there’s a rule somewhere stating that when at the bar, you should never talk about politics. But here at Source One, we’re rule breakers – so really, there is NO better time than happy hour to spur political debates and invite thoughtful conversation. Besides, when you’re half in the bag sipping on white Russians (joke intended), politics is so much more fun!

11. To Have Your Ferris Bueller Day Off – Listen. We aren’t telling your boss if you decided to skip work to paint the town red, wrapping up your fun-filled day at our happy hour. Our lips are sealed. Just make sure your boss doesn’t show up to the Happy Hour, bent on catching you in your little secret. Or that your older sister doesn’t show up either, for that matter. 

Come on! You know you want to join in our Chicago Procurement Professionals Happy Hour! Reach out to Kaitlyn Krigbuam (  for more information!

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