This year Source One celebrates our 25th Anniversary! In honor of this milestone we're hosting a procurement professionals happy hour in the Windy City and we want to see you there!

In addition to celebrating Source One's Anniversary, we're giving you 25 reasons to attend our Chicago Procurement Professionals Happy Hour! Last week, we gave you our first round of reasons to stop by, including to brush up on your history, meet new people, gush over sports, recharge after a long week, and encourage work-life balance. Here are 5 more!

20. To Visit 120 Countries at Once – For the wander-lustful folk, if you’re looking to brag to your friends about your traveling adventures, look no further than making a detour at the Tribune Tower on your way to Source One’s Happy Hour. The Tower’s base is composed of rock from 120 iconic locations, from the Great Wall of China, to the Giza Pyramids of Egypt.

19. To Sing-Along to Some of Chicago’s Biggest Hits – Interestingly, Chicago is one of the most diverse cities when it comes to the origins of music – blues, jazz, soul, R&B, house music, and more; what better opportunity to jam to Chicago’s rich musical history than through listening at Source One’s Happy hour, surrounded by friends and colleagues. As Frank Sinatra once sang, “My kind of town, Chicago is…”

18. To Admire the Architecture & Design – While meandering down the sides walks on your way to Source One’s Happy Hour, why not take a moment to admire some of Chicago’s greatest artistic structures? From the Bean in Millennium Park, to the famous Willis Tower (Sears Tower for older audiences), Chicago remains the birthplace of the modern-day skyscraper. (Don’t believe me? Read Devil in the White City.)

17. To Eat Chicago-Style Hot Dogs –While many of us North Easterners cringe at the idea of ketchup-less hotdogs, Chicagoans proudly stand by their “dragged through the garden” creation. Though there may or may not be hotdogs available at Source One’s Happy Hour (you’ll have to show up to find out), there sure are plenty of stands to tackle on your stroll to the Hubbard Inn (Source One’s Happy Hour venue.)

16. To Support Your Local Business
– At some point in your life, have you ever have wondered “what is the advantage of restaurants having happy hours?” The answer is simple: To drum up business. The longer you’re at a restaurant growing hungrier as dinner draws near, the more likely you are to order something to satisfy that ravenous feeling gnawing at your belly. Why not provide your local business a helping hand?

Are you convinced yet? Reach out to Kaitlyn Krigbaum at for event details! 
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