ICYMIM: August 28, 2017

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The ROI of Inbound Marketing
Helen Carey, ThomasNet, 8/23/2017

With any investment, businesses want to ensure their efforts are providing a positive return by seeing evidence in the results. A recent study revealed that a greater percentage of marketing budgets are dedicated to creating content as the basis of a quality inbound marketing program. Traditional marketing programs do not necessarily offer the ROI that these inbound options do, and many organizations are considering making the initial investment to experience these results.

How To Get Started With Source-To-Pay
Tom Pellescki, BravoSolution

As Procurement groups change the focus from increasing savings to increasing value, many organizations are realizing the impact this department has on their business as a whole. Making the decision to implement a full procurement platform is a wise one, but getting the process starting can occasionally be a tedious one. To ensure this implementation runs properly and goes smoothly in general, check out these tips.

The Experience Economy and Procurement
Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3, NLPA, 8/23/2017

Procurement used to be recognized as a function for strictly reducing costs, and not delivering any additional value. While professionals in this industry are capable of much more, Procurement has demonstrated that cheaper is not necessarily better. Making these changes in your procurement organization should become a priority, as the idea of receiving more value than you believe you are paying for is a goal for many businesses.
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