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April 7, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction
 experts have been featured this week!

The Evolution of the Cloud and It's Impact on Supply Chain
Cloud-based technologies are providing solutions for businesses in various industries. This on-demand network that merges configurable computing resources in three main service modes. Source One Project Analyst Dejana Dosen explains the benefits a cloud based network can have for businesses and their suppliers and partners that exchange data for greater collaboration and more effective communication. The cloud also offers visibility throughout processes for every individual involved, a crucial factor in the supply chain and procurement industries.

Achieving World-Class Procurement Part 2: Taking A Deep Look At Your Current Operations
Many organizations are being heavily influenced by today's competitive market landscape to rely on their procurement and strategic sourcing departments to reevaluate technology, processes and other resources throughout their business. Source One Consultant Ken Ballard discusses how assessing existing operations through a procurement transformation process can be a more effective approach for managing spend by streamlining purchasing practices and improving supplier relationships. An understanding of the ongoing procurement landscape can provide insight for the best strategy moving forward.

Is UNSPSC Really the Best Route? 3 Reasons... 'Against'
In Part 1, Source One Consultant Brian Seipel discussed the benefits of the standardized taxonomy of UNSPSC. There are also a few critical issues that those utilizing UNSPSC often encounter, and in this second contribution Seipel will review how a lack of proper fit as far as goals and usage within the business can present complications. It's most important to remain focused on achieving the best strategy for identifying savings opportunities, and the taxonomy might not offer all the customized categories required for you to meet your goals.

ISM 2017
The Institute for Supply Management's highly anticipated annual conference ISM2017 is quickly approaching, and members of the Source One team are looking forward to traveling to Orlando, Florida for the event in May. ISM2017 is an international event that unites more than2,500 global supply chain and procurement professionals for informative presentations, networking and educational sessions over the course of four days. Source One is an exclusive sponsor of ISM2017 sub-conference ExecIn, designed specifically for supply management leaders and decision makers. ExecIn offers the opportunity for the key players in procurement groups of major organizations to reevaluate processes through sessions prepared by select presenters.

The Road to SYNERGY - Baltimore, MD
Procurement pros in select regional areas are invited to attend Corporate United's Road to SYNERGY events this summer in preparation of their annual national SYNERGY conference in the fall. The first stop invites those in Baltimore and surrounding locality to meet on June 6th. This one day opportunity allows for collaboration on a smaller scale, before procurement and supply chain professionals from around the country gather during the national conference. As a Gold Sponsor of SYNERGY, Source One anticipates these events to speak with experts in the industry from across the nation.

ISM- New York Annual Conference- Procurement Risk Management
At the end of last month, this annual event was canceled and later postponed due to Snow Storm Stella. The Procurement Risk Management conference hosted by The Institute of Supply Management's New York chapter will now be held June 14th, and the itinerary will feature all the speakers and highlights that were anticipated in March. This one day event allows procurement experts to share their predictions of industry trends in 2017, including members of the Source One procurement and supply chain team who will share their insights and expectations for the upcoming year at ISM2017. 
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