Now more than ever, consumers are conscious about what harmful effects the products they buy have on the environment.

As a society, we are more aware of environmentally friendly practices beyond recycling and are demanding more corporate social responsibility from the organizations we choose to invest in. New technology and scientific studies allow us to approach sustainability from all angles of operations, including facility management, manufacturing, production, distribution and even billing. Initiating more environmentally friendly processes in all areas of your business can not only decrease your carbon footprint and boost your corporate social responsibility, but also help you to reduce costs.  In honor of Earth Day on April 22, the Source One team has brought together their most efficient strategies for creating more sustainability in any supply chain. These environmentally friendly best practices are a great way to initiate going green and demonstrating how your business values the environment by utilizing the most effective methods for sustainability.

If you're looking for more ways to be sustainable in your organization's supply chain, check out the recommendations in our most recent infographic!

Sustainability in Supply Chain Infographic

Source One provides sustainability and green strategic sourcing solutions for companies looking to advance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the environment. Last year, Source One received the Supply and Demand Chain Executive Green Award for the fifth consecutive year as recognition for their efforts in advancing the role of sustainability within supply chain management operations. The Source One team strives to help their clients achieve their environmentally-friendly supply chain goals and understand how sustainability is such a high priority for many sizable organizations today. To learn more about how Source One can assist your business in becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly, visit
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